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Campfire Meal

Grilling and BBQ

Thanks for visiting Mountain High Provisions our seasoning and rubs are flavor enhancers for your recipes.  Perfect for Wild Game, Beef, Lamb, Turkey, Chicken, Fish and Seafood.  Let is take you on a culinary adventure.

Our Story

Spice Up Your Life

Created in Western Colorado, where many are seeking adventures in the mountains. Whether it be hunting, fishing or just exploring we found a need for premium seasonings for the everyday explorer. Something healthy and tasty to enhance your meats, not overpower them.

We set out to create a brand that everyone can enjoy and recommend to their family and friends. From cooking over an open fire to backyard bbq, Mountain High Provisions seasonings and rubs are perfect for anytime.

Thank you for giving us your business and supporting your local veterans. 

-Joe and Matt

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